Speaking Science-ese was made to do just what the title implies: encourage people to communicate about and understand science. I want to bring to light the many perspectives that play a role in science communication, and compile general opinions and experiences acquired in the field.

The project is meant to act as a resource for anybody interested in science communication. By collecting as many perspectives as possible, it is my goal to gain a better understanding of how science communication is working (or not) today, and what people’s opinions are on the subject.

The question “why is science communication failing?” is not an easy one to answer. However, if more people were to discuss the issue and understand opposing points of view, perhaps the situation would improve (there’s always room for improvement, whatever your stance). In the end, I want to see and share individual perspectives of people from every stakeholder group that is involved in the research, translation, consumption and use of scientific research. Hopefully, this will contribute to ‘fixing the gap’ in science communication.

This site was created by Nina Kolodij as a Master’s project for the University of Arizona under the advisement of Dr. Susan Swanberg.